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Posted by Peti - 3 weeks ago

ayoooo, happy new year my dudes!!! 2022 is here yeeeeaaa!!!

is rly been 6 months since i made my newgrounds account. i still remember that summer day just sittin on top of a metal football goal making my newgrounds account, is crazy far fast the time since then has passed!!

i've really enjoyed my time here on newgrounds a lot, seeing and meeting all these cool and talented people!! i dunno, is just COOL to see all this amazing talent yknow? you dont see that shiz on twitter or reddit, newgrounds is rly something different. is gucci

my wishes for 2022 is to get more involved with the community. im honestly rly awkward and struggle to rly connect with other people, das something i rly wanna change this year cuz just being part of this community is always just such a good time. the egg jam and the secret santa, those things are defo highlights of the year for me. i get happy just lookin back on those things. legit, at the premier today i was just having a GOOD time yknow? i was depressed af before, but just seeing how talented everyone is and getting to be a part of that community, it made me so happy!!

oh and im hoping to actually maybe make games. i only made 2 these six months wHOOPSIE POOPSIE. im working on a rly big project rn but like maybe i should work on some other smaller stuff in the meantime as well instead of just tinkering by myself in the backroom... IF YOU NEED A PROGRAMMER IM HERE...OR ART I GUESS???

ANYWAy, im happy i joined newgrounds. is been awesome. people are awesome.

lets make 2022 a rly rly good year <3 <3 byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee




Posted by Peti - November 12th, 2021

Hi everyone!

November is here and I hope everyone is doing well!! It's been another month, though October has been pretty eventful on my side I still want to share what I managed to get done this month! So as doc ock once said: Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts.




The character has received some minor graphical updates, most notably he finally has his delivery bag! Now he can finally do his job instead of...barging into random places blowing zombies up for no reason.


The Super Dash's brake phase now has the character actually using his foot to stop himself. A minor graphical change, but hopefully it looks nice!



The dungeons' rooms will now have various designs and furniture. This is mostly to add flavor and perhaps act as sort of landmarks. Furniture can be destroyed using your rocket launcher (i mean...you're blowing the place up...), with some items letting out some spare change. I'll defo be adding more layouts in the future, this is only a start and to get them in there.


Another thing added to the dungeons are rare health pizza's! Since these aren't your customer's order you can just eat these and recover some health, letting you keep going if you perhaps find yourself in a pitch! Does it make sense for the player character to eat potentially old/spoiled food that's just laying on the ground? No, it doesn't. But this is pizza, so it's worth it.



On the world map, you're able to go to the pizzeria. Here you can play around with some stuff, viewing your records and achievements as well as adjusting audio and graphical settings.

Tbh, this was meant as just a quick side thing (bc i got kinda tired of drawing a bunch of furniture) done in maybe a day or two? BOY WAS I WRONG........ Getting the various menus right ate up the most time this month. Unity's UI menu components are not fun to wrestle with. A lot of hoops had to be jumped through, but it ended up working out in the end! It's still not completely done yet (still need to draw a background for example), but the hardest parts are taken care of at least.


Hopefully it was fun seeing the progress made! It doesn't feel like a lot, I've always been hesitant to show progress as I'd rather show stuff off when it actually looks good (which just ends up being the final game). But I think keeping these logs will help alleviate that perfectionist(?) attitude a bit.

By the way! I've decided to revive my old Twitter account! Twitter is kinda hell, but I think I'm in a better mindset now to use it again. It'd be nice to get more involved with the community and meet new peeps! My Twitter handle is @petibunbutt, so if you wanna be mutuals then let's do it!! I'll be posting art and maybe some smaller development updates over there.

anyway that's it for now das the end of the log good bye........

Have a good one!!



Posted by Peti - October 10th, 2021

Hi everyone!

It's been a month since my last update/game debut post so I wanted to give a quick update! bc im not rly posting anything else soRRY I'VE BEEN KINDA BUSY WORKING ON DA GAME HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ANyway imma go and show off my progress with HOT PEPPERONI OUTBREAK so far so gather around cuz its my turn for show and tell.




I finally got around to giving the player an actual good design instead of a super generic one. I'm happy with this redesign, the dorky-cool aura fits the kinda vibe I want to go for with the game. He still lacks pizza bags though, I keep telling myself to draw them and add them but i kinda keep forgetting whoops...i'll get around to it...some day...


The Reversal has been changed into a regular Dash. Before, if you performed the move, the player would face the opposite direction at the end of the dash if you let go of the arrow keys. However, it was a bit hard to pull off since letting go of the controls is kinda unnatural and you'd usually just end up not changing direction at all which would screw you over if you were counting on it.

NOW you won't change direction at all if you Dash. Instead, you'll perform a Reversal when you hold down the Shift/Strafe button while dashing. This is a lot more natural and easier to pull off, so you'll be able to more easily counter a horde of enemies if you find yourself surrounded.


The Super Dash(run rly fast for a bit zoom zoom, kills enemies on contact) has been slightly altered, not only visually but also mechanically by adding a brake phase to it. Before, you'd instantly stop when it was over which was pretty disorienting. Now after the meter has been depleted, the player will temporarily slide to stop themselves. You can't control yourself during this brake period and even tho it's short it's easy to slide into an enemy and take damage if ur not careful



Besides the dungeons, there is also a lil overworld/stage select screen! I wanted to give the idea of the player driving towards their delivery destination by having the stage all the way in the back. I'm happy with the results, it gives off a chill vibe.

These are the stages I'm AIMING to have in the game:

- Pizzeria: Here you view your records, change the game settings and other stuff.

- 3 different stages. They'll all be dungeons, but have graphical differences and slight gimmicks to set them apart.

- Endless Mode. A dungeon that's endless, where the goal is to just reach as far as you can before you die.

Currently getting the Endless Dungeon finished is my main goal. I'll try to get the 3 actual dungeons in there, but only if I have fuel to add them in. I think after I'm done with the Endless Dungeon, adding the other 3 won't be too hard.



I got around to giving the zombies some proper graphics since my initial debut(?) post, where they were literally just green versions of the player lol. I only have the basic generic as hell zombie rn, but I'll add some more later to give some variety. Different looking zombies will also have slightly different stats, such as being faster or being more powerful.

They've also been given the ability to lunge/hurl themselves towards the player. This can rly catch you off-guard if you're too slow with dealing with them or can't quickly get past them. This was mainly added due to an issue with the pathfinding where they couldn't easily get to you if you hugged the corner or walls. Now they just say fuck it and hurl themselves towards you regardless. It's a small change, but they ended up really handing me my own ass the first few times.


Hopefully this was interesting to read, what did you think? I'm really not used to writing a dev log but it's fun regardless. Hopefully it was fun for you too. I'll start to number these from now one. I think I'm making good progress, but another part of me also thinks I should be working faster lol. I'm working on the game almost daily and I still feel good doing so! However, I try not to push myself and only work when I can and want to. When I do work, I try to just work on whatever I feel like doing at that time. I think I've always been kind of chaotic in my development like that, so I can't really promise what I'll have done by the next update. There is a priority system with these tasks though, so I am aware as to what I need to get done sooner than other things. It's a pretty big project and might seem a bit daunting, but I know I can finish this even if it takes a while. At my current rate, I'm expecting the game to be done early next year (DON'T TAKE MY WORD ON DAT THO IM RLY BAD AT PREDICTING HOW LONG PROJECTS TAKE LOOOOOOL).

As for my personal life, I've recently had a job interview with a big fucking company! And I mean BIG! I don't have the job yet, but they did tell me that I had shown a lot of strong qualities so far. I still have a test and another interview or two to get through, it's exciting and also scary. I'm trying to not get myself too hyped up, it'll be hard to get through all these and failing is easy. But if I ended up getting it, it'd legit be a huge opportunity. So...I'm going to do my best!! Ofc, I'll still do my best on the game as well. even though a job will defo have impact on development, i'll hang in there!

anyway this post is long as hell so imma end it here byebye i got nothing left doei

Have a good one!!



Posted by Peti - October 3rd, 2021


W H E N ???

im fuckin SOBBIN dis is so outta left field lmao i was so caught off-guard

thank you???



Posted by Peti - September 8th, 2021

Hey everyone! I figured I'd make a news post to keep you, the reader, updated on what I've been keeping myself busy with the last few days.


I've been working on a game called HOT PEPPERONI OUTBREAK. This is a 2D top-down roguelike shooter, with a focus on feelin GUCCI!!

Been working on this game for a few weeks now and have recently played with the idea of keeping a dev log of this game. Mostly for friends, but I figured maybe ppl here would be interested, too. You can find the, atm two, video's here, if you're interested in following along.

This is my first time keeping a devlog, so I dunno how frequently they'll come out. Or if this game will even be finished any time soon, especially with summer vacation being over. I'll have to start looking for a job soon because oopsie poopsie imma big boi now. I will try to keep working on the game however and maybe post some totally radical drawings from time to time!

Thanks for reading this update and have a rad ass day!

Byebyeee!! ✌️



Posted by Peti - August 1st, 2021

Heyyyy crazy sizzles has happened, epic shizz, so i wanted to express my gratitude and thoughts to U bby

Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit thank you for the 47 fans!! thats insaneeee, its legit more than i ever thought id get. thank YOU for engaging with my work and wanting to see more, ill keep delivering the goods!!

legit, im not trying to be like famous or hit a certain milestone or anything. 47 fans, almost 50, that is insane. Tthank you...

Newgrounds has been an amazing community so far. I love being a part of it. Everyone is so creative and talented, while still pushing each other to improve. I haven't felt that sense of community anywhere else. I don't regret joining. KEEP BEING EPIC, its so good. newgrounds epic

The gamejam has been super cool as well, just meeting and interacting with so many other ppl and seeing their ideas get build up and flourish. Playing ppl's games and seeing em on stream has been great! i hope yall keep creating and thanks to fizburn for hosting the jam. legit the coolest thing to be a part of, super glad i participated!!

OUR GAME WAS SUPER COOL AS WELL THO!! yeee, it was rly cool working with other peeps on something again. Im rly proud that we managed to pump out something like Swimming Leningrad in 9 days! Plz check it out if u haven't 🙏

Reception of the game has been insaaaane!! Thank you all so much like daaaamn!! 3.8/5 stars is so high!! i ejaculated buckets full seeing it on front page as well, now its even a nominee for best of july!! YALL..,,,,

Please follow ZAMUS, ProsciuttoMan and TeraVex they did incredible work and the game would have been shit without them. Plz, follow them bois

Ill keep posting art stuff and occasionally work on a game too, hopefully with other peeps and just bring something amazing. Ill keep engaging with the community and looking forward to what gets posted the next day!! yall are epic, keep doing ur stuff and thank you again

Byebye ✌️



Posted by Peti - July 9th, 2021

Recently i hit 20 fans(22 rn lol im late) and it's honestly rly cool. I already said that just having 1 fan is touching, so having my fan count doubled to 20 since my last post is amazing. Its a crazy concept to really think about and realize. Thank you for engaging with my work, believing in me and wanting to see more. I will keep delivering the goods!!

I haven't been posting as much so i wanna give an update, bc it feels a bit weird to just keep silent. Im sorry for the silence!!

Recently I released workflow!! And man im still recovering from that bc that game ate all my time, im not good at work balance lol. Im happy with the reception tho, 3/5 stars are good results! Thank you for the engagement, i will keep feedback in mind and improve on whatever my next game will be! It will be a MASTERPIECE

On top of workflow, ive recently graduated! Its been pretty epic, but has also been keeping me busy with all the after-parties lol

But i should be free now! Ill get back into things soon, ive let my creative flame rest for long enough lol

Thank you for the patience! And thanks for reading this, i dont rly know if people will read this?(ng isnt that good at letting u know ur favs posted news ngl) But its nice to break the silence imo, it feels a bit cold otherwise. Anyway, have a nice day you!

Byebye ✌️



Posted by Peti - June 23rd, 2021

Apparently i have 10 fans now, which is pretty poggers. Even just having 1 is pretty cool, so like....10 is like ten times as cool...... Wow

Anyway, thanks for wanting to engage with the things i post. It rly does mean a lot! I hope you all have a nice day, this certainly made mine. Byebye ✌️