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Maple's Maid Service Postmortem

Posted by Peti - February 6th, 2023

hoi hoi! this is may be quite late but I feel like it's finally time to write le postmortem on Maple's Maid Service.

So yeah, Maple's Maid Service. I've got a lot of (sappy) feelings about it, but it's difficult to put them into words. Regardless, I will try to lay out my feelings.

Maple's Maid Service started development around mid September. I was kind of depressed and dissatisfied with myself at the time, feeling like a failure of a game developer for being unable to get any games out and the games that I did finish being very mediocre. MMS was born from those negative emotions, a positive and wholesome game that could raise your spirits, where your only goal was to do complete simple chores and being able to feel good about yourself for doing so.

Maple's Maid Service is my vent game, my heart and soul turned into something playable. It was the game that I needed to make at that time. It is my baby and extremely important to my heart. That is why I'm so grateful and touched at the reception it has gotten. It has given me validation as a game designer and developer, that the path I've chosen hasn't been a mistake after all.

So, to everyone that has played the game: thank you. The team as well; @bleak-creep, thank you for being so incredibly hardworking and passionate and for helping to keep me motivated. @p-pamda, for always being so supportive and working hard even as life got into the way. the musicians, @ConnorGrail, @Dieswyx, @Dry, @Levc, @Quarl, for offering to help, giving this game a chance and making it come to life. You've all not only helped out the townsfolk of Maple's Maid Service, but me as well. You've all helped me come out of a rut and I will always be grateful.

To all the people that left honest reviews, thank you as well for sharing your thoughts and pointing out shortcomings. I've updated the game multiple times since release, the current version(as of writing) being v1.0.9. The game is quite different from the initial release version and I'd like to think that I've addressed most of the more notorious and common complaints. Mostly looking at the fishing lol. I am not planning on updating the game any further, I think it is time for Maple to rest and stand on her own. I can't keep polishing and coddling her forever!

There are some things that I sadly cannot address. The most egregious one being medals unlocks being inconsistent. I've tried to address this multiple times, but I just can't figure it out. It is a lame excuse, so hopefully as compensation I will happily unlock medals for people that notify when a medal hasn't been unlocked for them(well maybe for the fish one it'd be nice if u had proof lol). Saving was a suggestion I saw a few times, but unfortunately Unity save files and NG web games do not play nice together. I will have to sit down and really try and get it working for a game, but MMS is not that game. Mobile support was something I planned, but it sadly did not work out.

At the end of the day, I'm happy and satisfied with the current state of Maple's Maid Service. I finally have something that I can be proud of. MMS is one of the nominees for Best of January 2023 and the results have not been published yet as of writing. Regardless of the results, if Maple will make it into the Top 5 or even the Top 30, I'm happy. I'm satisfied. I've gotten all that I wanted. I have a game I can be proud of and it's gotten such a positive reception that it sometimes feels a bit unreal. I know it ain't the next best thing since sliced bread or The Bible 2, but it really does mean so much to have people enjoy something I put my heart into after feeling like a failure for so long.

So, what are my plans for the future? Is Maple's Maid Service 2 coming out? Maple's War Service? Maple's Kart Service? Maple's Depressed-Stressed-Retail Service? Is Maple's Maid Service coming to Nintendo Switch? No, probably none of those lol. I'm currently in the middle of my entrance exam for university which is for a game design course. I'll be focusing on that for now, whether I'll polish it and release it for the public remains to be seen. Other than that, I might have a pretty big game concept in mind...but honestly I'll just see what I end up doing. I'm in no rush to dive into the next game project, I'm gonna chill for a bit...and work on my entrance exam. That one is kinda important. A little. Maybe do some art on the side, I got a new drawing tablet at the start of the year and am finally getting more used to it and

oh oops sorry i accidentally dropped the art i drew yesterday of goldmary fire emblem engage the love of my life u dont gotta look at that one haha but if u do ur free to give as many compliments as u want i wouldnt mind at all ahahaha

No, but fr: thank you all for sticking with me. Thank you all for playing Maple's Maid Service. Thank you all for the love and support, you have no idea how much it all truly means.

bye bye!





You made a really great little game with MMS, and even though I'd love to expand on it more with you someday, I do think it stands on its own as is just fine. It's well paced and crammed full of fun details, and just being a nice tight experience that you're able to sit down and play through in one sitting is really refreshing. It's exactly the sort of game I'd download from the eshop on an afternoon whim.

Best of luck with your university exam! It's been a blast gettin' to work with you/get to know you a bit better over the last few months. :)

bless you bleak!

You did it awesome, im glad to hear you had a nice experience comming out of this. Really lovely conncept and final result-! Really happy to be part of it even after all the trouble i caused with the work stuff i had going on. And really open to help to anything you decide to do in the future when you decide its time to do it. Maple or not related, i like game stuff in general hhdasdh

A lot of lucks with the exams, you totally can do anything you put your head into, and never let yourself think youre not good gamedev enough, everyone here has your back <3

bless you pam!

You should be proud of making MMS. It's probably my favorite game of the month and the love put into it really shows.

Don't be too hard on yourself for the medals not working properly. It happens to a lot of developers on NG including me. My game launched with broken medals and scores which I also couldn't figure out how to properly fix. Mistakes are part of the learning process and you'll get better over time.

Definitely looking forward to whatever you make in the future.

Thank you for all the encouraging words, i feel like i can keep doing game dev with higher spirits than ever! I will do my best!!

Popping in from all of the whirlwind of the hunt, honestly I really enjoyed the game and how well put together it was. The atmosphere was cozy and there was a lot of little nooks and crannies to explore, whether it's simply talking with people or just wandering around. Knowing the heart that went into the game makes it so much better to play, and honestly I'm really happy you were able to complete this and prove you can be a successful game developer. This feels like a great step in a great direction, and I hope what you learned from working on MMS can help with your entry into uni too! You're on a great path Peti, and hopefully you're able to keep going and keep being strong. :D

Thank you for all the kind words omg, i will keep walking the game dev path more resolute than ever!!