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Thank Yous & Thoughts (NG epic)

Posted by Peti - August 1st, 2021

Heyyyy crazy sizzles has happened, epic shizz, so i wanted to express my gratitude and thoughts to U bby

Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit thank you for the 47 fans!! thats insaneeee, its legit more than i ever thought id get. thank YOU for engaging with my work and wanting to see more, ill keep delivering the goods!!

legit, im not trying to be like famous or hit a certain milestone or anything. 47 fans, almost 50, that is insane. Tthank you...

Newgrounds has been an amazing community so far. I love being a part of it. Everyone is so creative and talented, while still pushing each other to improve. I haven't felt that sense of community anywhere else. I don't regret joining. KEEP BEING EPIC, its so good. newgrounds epic

The gamejam has been super cool as well, just meeting and interacting with so many other ppl and seeing their ideas get build up and flourish. Playing ppl's games and seeing em on stream has been great! i hope yall keep creating and thanks to fizburn for hosting the jam. legit the coolest thing to be a part of, super glad i participated!!

OUR GAME WAS SUPER COOL AS WELL THO!! yeee, it was rly cool working with other peeps on something again. Im rly proud that we managed to pump out something like Swimming Leningrad in 9 days! Plz check it out if u haven't 🙏

Reception of the game has been insaaaane!! Thank you all so much like daaaamn!! 3.8/5 stars is so high!! i ejaculated buckets full seeing it on front page as well, now its even a nominee for best of july!! YALL..,,,,

Please follow ZAMUS, ProsciuttoMan and TeraVex they did incredible work and the game would have been shit without them. Plz, follow them bois

Ill keep posting art stuff and occasionally work on a game too, hopefully with other peeps and just bring something amazing. Ill keep engaging with the community and looking forward to what gets posted the next day!! yall are epic, keep doing ur stuff and thank you again

Byebye ✌️




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